Painting Services

We specialize in painting your miniatures to a high standard for affordable prices. We offer 4 levels of painting detail, and additional options such as assembly, varnish, and decals.

Level 1: Basic

For the basic level of painting we will lay down base layers on your miniature, giving each area of the model a quick coat of one color that leaves a clean finish. We complete the model with recess shading and a quick drybrush layer to add texture to the edges of the miniature. This level of painting is perfect if you want your miniatures tabletop-ready in as short a time as possible!

Level 2: Standard

When we paint your models to standard level, we lay down a base layer, and after shading the recesses, we add more depth with a drybrush to add texture and highlights. After this, we individually paint important details of the model such as relics, holsters, and any other small bits to add character to your mini. This level is great for your general troops and infantry, with the extra highlighting and details making each trooper unique.

Level 3: Elite

Elite level will take your minis to the next level. We start with a quick basecoat over the entire mini, emphasizing small details as we do so. After this, we add careful shading in all of the recesses before adding edge highlights to all areas of the miniature, defining them with a fine line to really make them pop! After this, we will finish the model by adding layered detail and glow lighting from gear like lenses or lights on the mini. This level of painting suits most characters, heroes, or monsters in your collection, making them stand out over the squads and minions they command.

Level 4: Veteran

If you want the very highest quality for your miniature, whether it be the supreme commander of your battle-hardened forces or a stunning centerpiece to be featured in a display, then look no further than veteran quality. We start off with a carefully applied basecoat, making sure that each area is crisp and neat. Next, we add shading and highlighting using advanced techniques such as layering, contrast paints, extreme edge highlighting, glazing, and blending, giving every area of the model a lifelike and eye-catching appearance, while still drawing attention to its focal points. Finally, we apply special effects such as rust, blood, weathering, and chipping to the miniature.