Colors of Battle

Welcome to COLORS of BATTLE Miniatures Studio!

Here at Colors of Battle, we specialize in getting your miniatures ready for tabletop and display purposes. We will paint, assemble, and base your miniatures to the standard that you request, whether that be a stunning centerpiece or display, a courageous hero, or a whole host of miniatures arrayed for war!

Painting services

We offer 4 different levels of painting detail: Basic, Standard, Elite, and Veteran. We can quickly paint large vehicles, monsters, and heroes with careful attention to detail, as well as batch-paint large swaths of infantry. Our painting team can deliver the scheme of your dreams!

Other Services

From the largest of titans to the smallest halfling, we can assemble your miniatures to get them on the tabletop as soon as possible. We also use advanced techniques, such as mold-line removal and kitbashing, to add additional flare to your centerpiece models!


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Questions? Send us an email at, and we will get back to you within 5 business days.