Other Services

This page explains the extra services we provide in preparing and finishing your models.


If you don't feel like assembling your miniatures yourself, we offer assembly services. We will assemble your miniatures equipped with the gear that you request. We also offer the option to assemble your miniatures in custom dynamic posing, as well as providing mold line removal.


Your models can be traversing any kind of terrain - from striding over the debris of a battlefield or stalking across the treacherous slopes of an icy gorge. Accordingly, we allow you to choose the basing material for your miniatures. If you include this in your order, we will give you a price estimate using both the time needed to create the bases and the materials cost. If you want to go one step further, you can have us place the mini in an epic pose atop added elements of the base, such as rocks or debris, rather than placing it directly on the base.

Extras: Pre-Purchase

Extras: Varnish

If you want us to pre-purchase your minis for you, please indicate this in your order, and we will add the purchase price to the order total.

In addition to priming, we will also varnish your minis for the same price as priming them, using a generic matte varnish. If you would like us to use a specific brand of varnish or a specific finish (i.e. satin or gloss), we will add the price of the specific varnish to our quote.

Extras: Priming

Extras: Transfers/Decals

If you want us to prime your models, we will also do this for additional charge. The color of the primer will typically be gray, but if you would like us to use a specific brand of primer or a specific color, we will add the price of the primer to our quote.

Some miniatures, such as Space Marines from the Warhammer 40k range, just don't look finished without their decals, whether it be squad markings or cult tattoos. For a small price, we can add decals to your miniatures as a finishing touch.